Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Pedros Tutto

I have been using the new chain tool from Pedro's for over 2 months now. It has been used constantly within that time because we change chains very often indeed.

What attracts me to the item is its attention to detail. If you need one chain tool to do a numerous amount of different chain types then look no further. Indeed there are prettier chain tools on the market but the Pedro's Tutto ( meaning all types/ everything in Italian ) has the perfect balance between function and form in my opinion.

Yes the price is a little expensive, at £95 RRP, but considering the Campagnolo chain tool retailing around £150 the Pedros Tutto is a bargain .

The Pedro's Tutto is well built and offers a solid interface for the chain pin to be implemented.
With the capability of all chain tools in one very tidy package the Pedro's Tutto Chain Tool is very hard to beat. A proud addition to my tool box.

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